Seamless next-generation file encryption to secure files and folders

Essential file protection for today’s mobile workforce

  • Works with files in Dropbox, One Drive and other popular cloud storage services
  • Global encryption policies that can be applied  to BYOD device users without impacting personal files
  • Enables encrypted files to be shared with trusted third parties
  • Automatically encrypts content added to encrypted locations
  • Generate data-specific encryption keys and assign access to individual users or groups as required
  • Support for Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Easy and affordable file encryption for small businesses

How does SmartEncrypt Work?

256-bit AES encryption

To protect your sensitive files and folders, cloud storage, network shares and removeable media.

Authentication-based access

Users log in to the client software and  once authenticated receives the encryption key to open encrypted files.

Custom encryption keys

Data is encrypted with company-controlled encryption keys that are stored in the cloud.

Seamless automated encryption

File encryption and decryption is seameless. As files are not renamed or moved, users need not change their ways of working once files have been encrypted with SmartEncrypt. 

Control access to sensitive files

 By encrypting important company files with SmartEncrypt,  you can control who, when and where users can access encrypted files, even on devices beyond the company firewall.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Protecting your valuable data just got easier.



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Add Encryption Key

Log in to the console and create your custom encryption key


Start Encrypting!

Download the client software and select which files to secure with just a few clicks.

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