Next-generation Data Loss Prevention technology using application-based file encryption to protect high-value data from theft.

How is SmartDLP different to other DLP solutions?

  • Traditional DLP solutions create a perimeter around the endpoint computer or laptop to block or restrict data movement.
  • Today with the cloud, mobility and BYOD this approach is almost redundant as it hinders productivity and frustrates users.
  • SmartDLP uses automatic encryption to secure the file itself, and by controlling access, there is no concern about where the data travels, allowing users to embrace the cloud and mobility.
  • SmartDLP selects applications used and protects all data associated with these applications, so files are safe no matter where they are stored.

Data Confidence SmartDLP works how and where you need it to

SmartDLP makes DLP accessible to businesses of any size

Until now, implementing a DLP solution has been too complex, resource intensive and expensive for many businesses.

SmartDLP is an easier, faster and affordable DLP protection

  • Encrypting, decrypting, and accessing information is automatic and seamless for users when logged in.
  • Data is encrypted with company-controlled encryption keys that you create and assign to users
  • Even works on BYOD devices
  • Extremely simple to set-up and use
  • Users work as usual
  • Is hosted in the cloud saving businesses time and money.
  • It can be operational in minutes so no costly resources are required to implement.

Intellectual Property (IP) is an organization’s most valuable assets and competitive differentiator.
Protect it from leaks, breaches and espionage, unwitting or careless users, ambitious or disgruntled employees with Data Confidence.