Why Data Confidence

Next-Generation encryption that doesn’t relocate, re-associate, change file types or force file access from another location

Encryption that makes protecting sensitive files easy

Protecting data in today’s mobile workplace is difficult for many businesses, but it shouldn’t be.

Our next-generation encryption automatically encrypts, decrypts and manages data access giving you:

  • Total control of the encryption keys
  • Full access control, even from beyond the firewall
  • Seamless encryption – files are not renamed or moved so there are no changes to the way users work
  • Fast and simple set-up with no training required

Files are even encrypted when in the cloud

Storing unencrypted data in any cloud can result in unauthorised access, leaks and compliance failures.

We enable you to have control of files in the cloud and even on users’ local devices.

  • Encrypt sensitive files and folders in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and other popular cloud services
  • Encrypt data on your device before syncing to the cloud
  • Securely collaborate on files in the cloud whilst complying with regulations

Designed for multiple users and network file shares

Most encryption products protect personal data and give individuals control. This is highly dangerous and impractical for securing sensitive business data.

Our encryption is company-controlled protection designed for multiple users using network shares, Servers, SAN, NAS storage or the cloud, and allows:

  • Full control of files as you always have the encryption keys
  • Administrators to create encryption keys and assign them to users or groups
  • Encryption of files and folders while maintaining control, even when files are copied to users’ local devices.

Strong encryption that is simple to use

Encryption works best when no-one notices it.

Unlike other first-generation solutions, our AES 256-bit next-generation encryption requires no manual input, doesn’t relocate, re-associate, change file types or force file access from another location.

Data Confidence has made strong encryption uncomplicated and simple to use for both administrators and users.

Finally, usable encryption for your business!

Try it out yourself!