What is SmartEncrypt?

Last Updated On February 15, 2019
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What is SmartEncrypt?

SmartEncrypt is a business encryption software developed by Data Confidence Solutions.

SmartEncrypt provides an easy-to-use, seamless encryption tool for adding an additional layer of security to your data on your computers, networks or cloud storage.

What SmartEncrypt Is NOT.

SmartEncrypt is a security product and is not a cloud storage service. Therefore, SmartEncrypt does not ever store or have any form of possession of your data. The responsibility of storing, backing up and managing your files lies with you or your cloud provider. The encryption provides controls on data access.

SmartEncrypt is not a sync client, it does not synchronize your files to the cloud. This responsibility also lies at your cloud provider. Therefore, you have to install your cloud provider’s software on your device.

SmartEncrypt is not designed to secure files that can be access at a file system level and cannot encrypt data on arbitrary cloud services.

Services such as Google Docs or Evernote do not work with files accessible at a file system level, instead their files are stored directly in databases on their servers. SmartEncrypt can only encrypt files – your files that the software can access – not pure cloud services.