I Cant Preview or Edit My SmartEncrypt Files in Cloud Storage Such as One Drive or Drop Box.

Last Updated On February 15, 2019
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Why can’t I preview or edit my SmartEncrypt files in cloud storage such as One Drive, Drop Box, Google, SharePoint etc.

Many Cloud storage products allow you to preview or edit files that are stored in the cloud using an online preview feature, these files need to be unencrypted to be opened for the file to be displayed as a preview in the web browser.  While a handy feature these tools present a security risk by having a web-server preview an unencrypted file.


What can I do to view these files in cloud storage?

Files that have been Encrypted with Data Confidence products cannot be previewed or edited online as the web-server doesn’t have the encryption key to allow these files to be opened.

For files you wish to edit online, please decrypt these files using the SmartEncrypt software before uploading to the cloud. Beware that these decrypted files are stored on the server unencrypted and are considered less secure.