Creating Your Primary Encryption Key

Last Updated On February 15, 2019
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Primary Encryption Key

The first encryption key created is your default encryption key. This is called your primary key and will be assigned to all users by default. The first time you log into the administrator console you will land on the Encryption Keys page and be asked to create a new one. 

The role of the Primary Key is to act as a default encryption key for the organisation and all users will have access to this encryption key by default. This is also the only encryption key available in the Starter and Basic plans (they are limited to only one encryption key). All encryption performed will default to this key and all individual files that are encrypted by users will encrypt with this key.

This key can have any name; however it is recommended that the key name represents the role it is being used for E.g. Accounts Payable

Removing user access

Only applies to Business Pro subscriptions – In some cases you might want to remove users from having the Primary key, to do this you must remove the user from the everybody group.